Decesitar these in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twiter ........!

We count on ample experience in CATHEDRAL specialized in finders and Positioning Web. We focused ourselves mainly in Google, since in Chile is used by but of 90% of the users.Pocicionamiento

A consultancy of Positioning Web in Google and other finders is a service CATHEDRAL that serves so that your webpage gains visibility and appears in the search of your potential clients.  We were in charge that your products and services appear in first positions and the one that the traffic that arrives from the finders is entered and allows to generate a strategy of comercializaci? optimum n. In Case you curious about what we did, we are optimizing all of our server and website with ssd vps hosting for better speed and realibility

A consultation CATHEDRAL consists of 4 parts:

Part I: Audit CATHEDRAL and Diagnosis.
Part II: Implementation of internal factors (On-Page Optimization).
Part III: Implementation of external factors (Optimization In off - Page).
Part IV: Monitoring and measurement of results.

Consultation CATHEDRAL - Service of Search engine optimization

In Part I of the consultation CATHEDRAL:
An Audit will be realised to be able to provide a diagnosis of corrections and improvements of the site (as much internal corrections as external), to achieve the positioning objectives Web.
In this part of the consultation points treat as:
Study of Key words and estimation of traffic.
Study of the competition.
Diagnosis of external errors as as much internal.

In Part II of the consultation CATHEDRAL:
One implements the SEO On-Page optimization and the solutions identified in the audit. It can include the development and the creation of contents optimized and excellent to the finders.
These are some of the points that treat in this part of SEO On-Page:
Optimization relevance Web:

  • Elimination of duplicated content
  • Elimination of titles and duplicated descriptions
  • Optimization Titles Page
  • Optimization URL
  • Optimization Headed (h1, h2, h3…)
  • Optimization Puts – Descriptions
  • Alternative text Imágenes and Title

To optimize the semantic structure of the Web
To improve the hierarchic structure of the site
Geolocalización for local businesses
To optimize the speed of load (WPO)

In Part III of the consultation CATHEDRAL:
It is developed to the management and optimal promotion of contents by the network.
In this part of the consultation points are developed as:
Generation of connections
or Building Link: High in excellent directories, the directory premises, interchanges, etc,
or Baiting Link: Generation of viral content that extends by the networks.
Note writing of Press, SEO Copywriting.
Optimization of Google Places for local businesses.

In Part IV of the consultation CATHEDRAL:
The objectives with the metric ones that to us the Analysis provides Web and a monitoring becomes of the evolution of the positioning project Web, by means of the delivery of periodic reports are analyzed.
These 4 parts of the consultation CATHEDRAL are necessary for a service of positioning the optimal Web in the finders. But also you can be interested in only some points. If you wish that it helps you in your business you can ask for my services or looking for hosting plan that we already have from unlimited hosting plans through following link.